Blockchain technology
since 2004

  • digital contract
  • supply chain security
  • digital currency
  • clearing with artificial intelligence units
  • privacy protection with homomorphic encryption
  • compliance:
            KYC (Verify your customers identity),
            AML (Anti money laundering)
  • IoT, M2M, mobile devices, B2C, B2B

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CryptoTec AG has its roots in the payment and sports betting industry — a business environment with multi- billion turnovers that is constantly exposed to external and internal manipulation. A high level of decentralization for input devices, associated with central odds management, requires the highest possible degree of security, particularly for M2M communication (machine-to-machine) that is protected against manipulation and wiretapping. Within this industry, the founders of CryptoTec AG are considered asthe system-relevant providers for implementing such security solutions.

All products and modules of CryptoTec AG are the result of many years of expert work. Among experts, they are considered to be the best possible combination of security and ease of use for transferring data via the Internet.

Expertise from Daily Practice

As a provider of security concepts and encryption solutions, the founders of CryptoTec AG can revert to more than 25 years of expertise particularly for developing and implementing security measures between decentralized, computerized systems. This expertise which is applied on a daily basis and successes in combating thousands of system attacks has resulted in a major competitive edge. Based on this know-how, it was obvious for CryptoTec AG to expand its business to other industries too.

The key to success can be found in the interaction of CryptoTec AG’s CryptoLib and a fully automated Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI).

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