The All-In-One solution for entertainment platforms

Betting • Horse Racing • Casino • Live Casino • Lottery • Binary Options • Crypto Games • eSports

Enables you instantly to accept worldwide incoming Bitcoin-payments.

Your customer transfers the money into his existing client account via scan with any wallet solution.

Borderless and blockchain-based.


CryptoTec Pay Wallet

Your customer scans the QR code and a digital contract is issued, the payment is confirmed by an automated digital receipt.

Your customers winnings are credited instantly into his CryptoTec Pay Wallet (opt. your white label seamless wallet).

All this without any complicated registration, login or password - all handled by the CryptoTec PKI - the perfect Blockchain PKI.


Enjoy your benefits:

  • Sales increase due to worldwide incoming payments of any size (no payment-blocking)
  • Immediate & discreet Fast-Lane-Payments
  • No chargeback-risk!
  • Opening of new markets
  • Flexible consideration of local KYC processes
  • Automated Risk-Management
  • Customization of your corporate design (white label solution)
  • Let's talk about security

    • End-to-end security without passwords • Usability combined with security • Trustcenter and Certificates via Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    TR-Resiscan Prozess