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Complementing its ready-to-run portfolio, CryptoTec also offers a range of highly innovative business solutions. Whereas the CryptoTec Zone portfolio is largely turnkey, our business solutions are customized to suit individual needs.

  • Fully automated public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Substitute scanning with signature
  • eIDAS
  • Cipherbook - Universal platform based on BlockChain technology
  • BlockChain Platform (BCP)
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    Fully automated PKI and BlockChain technology

    This business portfolio is ideal for high-tech industries, healthcare service providers, public authorities and other governmental and non-governmental organizations. All of these tailored solutions are built on robust encryption capabilities and a digital authentication certificate, in turn based on a fully automated public key infrastructure (PKI) and BlockChain technology.

    With almost global reach, CryptoTec serves and supports customers all over the world.

    Substitute scanning with signature

    Substitute scanning involves replacing an original paper document with a legally compliant digital document. Scanning offers a host of advantages: less file storage space required, lower copy costs, reduced administration effort and fast recovery in the event of loss. However, various formal steps must be taken before a paper document can be destroyed. These include integration of a forgery-proof digital signature.

    CryptoTec has developed a PKI-based solution for generating these signatures.


    Setting new standards for ease of use, this solution authenticates documents and securely transfers them to authorized persons. It also ensures traceability across the full processing chain.

    In addition, this solution supports the correct archiving and fail-safe retrieval of all digital documents in accordance with statutory requirements, thus enabling paper documents to be disposed of. The dramatic reduction in bureaucracy translates into huge efficiency gains for any company.


    Dramatic reduction in bureaucracy & huge efficiency

    Setting new standards for ease of use, this solution authenticates documents and securely transfers them to authorized persons. It also ensures traceability across the full processing chain.

    Die CryptoTec Lösung erfüllt aktuell die folgenden Anforderungen:

    • eIDAS
    • §41 SRVwV
    • TR-RESISCAN - BSI TR-03138
    • TR-ESOR - BSI TR-03125

    TR-Resiscan Prozess


    As part of European alignment, a launch event for the eIDAS Regulation (electronic identification and trust services) took place on October 14, 2015 in Brussels. The eIDAS Regulation seeks to enhance trust in electronic transactions in the European market by providing a common foundation for secure electronic interaction between citizens, businesses and public authorities.

    The new regulation aims to redefine all electronic signatures and align them at European level. These new electronic IDs will be issued by trust service providers. As such, eIDAS will remove existing barriers to electronic transactions across European borders. For example, businesses with the correct electronic identification will be able to easily take part in invitations to tender issued by other EU member countries.


    With our new Cipherbook internet platform, we now enable companies to generate server-based digital signatures which comply with the eIDAS Regulation.

    The centralized management of an organization’s signatures can drastically reduce infrastructure overhead and greatly enhance security. In addition, this new platform clearly verifies all incoming signatures from business partners and stores them centrally.

    Cipherbook is a central, secure and cost-effective platform to simplify and streamline all signature management activities.


    Cipherbook -

    Universal platform based on BlockChain technology

    Cipherbook functionality extends far beyond eIDAS compliance. It is a universal solution capable of managing all digital signature needs that arise within any organization. Building on PKI and BlockChain technology, this platform is compatible with all known crypto currencies and standards to ensure forgery-proof transactions over the internet. It uses advanced electronic seals to ensure the integrity of documents and the secure transfer of digital assets.

    In addition, Cipherbook is able to manage and implement smart contracts, i.e. self-executing contracts between trading partners.


    BlockChain Platform (BCP) -

    Enterprise application integration with CryptoTec BCP

    Our BCP digital platform was designed specifically to support the digitalization of your business processes. BCP is ideal for decentralized architectures, but can also be used to support centralized transactions.
    For over 12 years, our technology has been successfully deployed by our customers. It includes all functions that you need to support digital business processes. Fixed components include secure POS solutions, self-service terminals as well as web and app interfaces.

    Our Fraud and Risk module is one of the core building blocks in BCP. This module can be customized to match your business process and transaction requirements. And BCP can be combined with our CryptoLib library to equip you with all the capabilities you need to capitalize on trending technologies such as: IoT, Smart factories (Industry 4.0), Smart Building, Smart homes.