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Communication in stealth mode

As a technology enterprise, CryptoTec AG provides high-security solutions for connecting decentralized computer systems. In doing so, it is irrelevant whether communication takes place between people or machines. CryptoTec‘s customers expect highest security.


CryptoTec AG considers privacy to be a fundamental right.

Thus, all of our solutions meet the most important criteria of secure and confidential communication:

100% Security against interception
100% Protection against forgery
100% Authenticity

The following example illustrates the standard of the security technology that we deploy: Decrypting one single encrypted message using the fastest high-performance computer takes approx. 1 trillion years..


CryptoTec AG has its roots in the payment and sports betting industry — a business environment with multi- billion turnovers that is constantly exposed to external and internal manipulation. A high level of decentralization for input devices, associated with central odds management, requires the highest possible degree of security, particularly for M2M communication (machine-to-machine) that is protected against manipulation and wiretapping. Within this industry, the founders of CryptoTec AG are considered asthe system-relevant providers for implementing such security solutions.

All products and modules of CryptoTec AG are the result of many years of expert work. Among experts, they are considered to be the best possible combination of security and ease of use for transferring data via the Internet.

Expertise from Daily Practice

As a provider of security concepts and encryption solutions, the founders of CryptoTec AG can revert to more than 25 years of expertise particularly for developing and implementing security measures between decentralized, computerized systems. This expertise which is applied on a daily basis and successes in combating thousands of system attacks has resulted in a major competitive edge. Based on this know-how, it was obvious for CryptoTec AG to expand its business to other industries too.

The key to success can be found in the interaction of CryptoTec AG’s CryptoLib and a fully automated Public-Key-Infrastructure (PKI).

Michael Mertens

The Founders - Michael Mertens

Michael Mertens is one of the most important pioneers in the development of central (trust centre) and decentral (web of trust) authentication systems. Already while at university, he studied PKI-based encryption solutions. He became an independent businessman in 1992 and has been securing the digital communication of companies using the PGP software since then. Since 1995, he has been securing the electronic transfer of sensitive flight data for airports, also based on PKI. Mertens has been doing extensive work in the Internet-based securities trade since 2000. His task in the establishment of one of the very first online portals for securities trade ever was ensuring the encrypted and legally binding transfer of data.

Since 2002, Michael Mertens has been looking extensively into the opportunities of block chain technology, and already then maintained intensive contact with the inventors of Bitcoin. Two years later, in 2004, Mertens developed software for securing financial transactions in the productive finance sector with turnovers of several billions in his then newly founded company iDev. This software utilised processes of today’s blockchain technology. These techniques were automated in the blockchain for the very first time.

Michael Mertens

The Founders - Dr. Michael Raumann

Dr. Michael Raumann is a private equity investor and co-founder of CryptoTec. He was born in 1973 in Düren, Germany.

His first cooperation with Michael Mertens was an early stage investment in the year 2005 into the company iDEV which was founded by Michael Mertens.

In the year 2014 he finally co-founded CryptoTec together with his longterm business partner Michael Mertens.

One of the principal aims of Michael Raumann is to establish long-term partnerships within the IT industry worlwide.


Location Germany

Headquartered in Germany, CryptoTec AG is subject to stable legislation that is acknowledged and appreciated around the world. Strict data protection regulations in Germany ensure a legally certain environment without government restrictions. As a result, the laws applicable in Germany provide for solutions that cannot be infiltrated or compromised. Particularly domestical customers highly appreciate this fact. But also foreign companies and institutions rely on CryptoTec AG when building up their infrastructure for communications.


Research & Development

As an independent enterprise, CryptoTec AG finances research and development on its own. The enterprise is fully independent and is not accountable to third parties. CryptoTec AG invests more than one quarter of its annual turnover in researching and developing new solutions.


We also invest a lot of money in the validation of our software modules that is carried out by external auditing firms. In this context, all auditing firms confirmed that they did not find any weak points via which the system can be accessed.


In the context of the CryptoTec Zone launch, several globally known white-hat hackers have examined the CryptoTec Zone modules for any weaknesses. Here as well, full security was certified for CryptoTec AG.

CryptoTec AG also cooperates with the University of Erlangen, Germany.Prof. Freiling should be mentioned specifically here who is member of the board and checks security logs in his department.

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CryptoTec AG relies on cryptographic procedures that are acknowledged around the world:


unsymmetrical encryption

AES- 256

symmetrical encryption


cryptographic hash-functions


The basis of everything - CryptoLib

CryptoLib is the cryptographic high-level library that was specifically developed by CryptoTec AG. It is the core of CryptoTec AG’s cryptographic work. Experts of this matter confirm that the incorrect implementation of cryptographic standards constitutes the biggest source of error when developing security software. By deploying our CryptoLib the development of solutions with higher security is freed from this most complex and error-prone element.


Automated PKI

While CryptoLib is the core, the Distributed Systems Platform (DSP) contained therein represents the brain. The DSP not only comprises a public key infrastructure (PKI) that ensures fully automated distribution of cryptographic keys. It also automates DNS integration, data distribution, and a variety of user-friendly functions such as notification of contacts if names of addresses change. This ensures both highest convenience and maximum protection for users.